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Education - High School Diploma

Rising Stars Business Academy YouthBuild is partnered with YouthBuild Charter School of California (YCSC), a WASC accredited public charter school. YCSC was founded in 2008 and offers young adults, ages 16-24, an opportunity to earn their high school diploma through a hands on project-based curriculum rooted in social justice. YCSC's mission is "to cultivate collaborative learning communities in which every student has the right to an authentic education, plays a meaningful role in creating positive social change, and becomes an active participant in working towards just conditions for all."

Unlike your traditional high schools, YCSC only requires 200 credits to meet one of two graduation requirements. The second requirement is a senior portfolio that will be integrated into a Community Leadership Development course taught by an instructor on site. 


Want to enroll? In order to enroll into YouthBuild Charter School of California, you must be a member of Rising Stars Business Academy YouthBuild and meet their enrollment requirements. Please click here to find more information on becoming a member of RSBA YouthBuild. 

Here you can find the credit break down that YouthBuild Charter School of California requires for every student to meet. After enrolling in the YouthBuild program, an academic counselor will sit down with every student and analyze transcripts. 

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