“I was a fighter. I got into fights to earn respect. I would get into at least one fight a day seven fights a week, maybe even more. My mother and father would be crying and worried about me, wondering if I would be dead the next day... In 2011 I graduated from Rising Stars Business Academy and started attending Argosy University and I am currently holding a 4.0 grade point average.”

Yisel Ochoa

Class of 2011

"I am so thankful that I made the choice to go to RSBA because now my life is on the right path. I am currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona where I am attending Eastern Arizona College. It is a Junior College, which means that I am on campus. I am doing very great. It's different, but I am sure I will be fine. I am also in the Army ROTC (AROTC) program. I plan on becoming a nurse. Thank you guys so much and I will always love you guys stay 'Alive and Free."

Ashley Butler

Class of 2013

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