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Post Graduate Resources

Hi Graduate! You might be asking yourself, "Now what?" It's okay, there is no need to be alarmed. Think back to the the 4 Tracks to Success, and evaluate which one is the best option for you. Below you can find resources to get you started on any of the 4 Tracks. We wish you luck, and remember "Once a Rising Star, always a Rising Star!" 


When in doubt, always refer back to your Senior Portfolio you had to complete to meet your YouthBuild graduation requirements. 

1. Complete admission process for the college you wish to attend. 

  • For RCC/MVC admission process, please click here to review their processes.

  • If you have further questions, visit their office hours at the college, or you can always contact Benny Orduno to guide you through the process.

2. Financial Aid

  • Again, you should have completed your financial aid application to meet YouthBuild's graduation requirements. 

  • If you have not completed your financial aid, please schedule an appointment with Benny Orduno. 

  • If you want to complete your financial aid on your own, you may do so by visiting fafsa.ed.govYou will also need to create your FSA ID by clicking here. The financial aid process can be confusing in many ways, so please reach out to a financial aid staff from the college you wish to attend, a customer service representative from FAFSA, or to contact Benny Orduno

  • Please keep in mind that each college has their own financial aid requirements in order to fully process any awarded grants.

3. Other Scholarships

  • One way to receive a scholarship is to apply for scholarships within your college.

  • A second way to apply and receive scholarship money is to visit websites such as or even

  • Lastly, please continue to check your student email ( After graduation, you will still be receiving emails from any RSBA/YCSC staff to share resources with all of you. You can also stay in the loop by following or liking any of the social media that Rising Stars Business Academy and/or YouthBuild Charter School of California may have.


  • In order to get a fulfilling experience of college you need to take advantage of your opportunities. Here are some of the opportunities you should take advantage of while you are attending college.

    • Join a Club! - Find a club that is to your liking, and be apart of what they have to offer. This is how you build a network, and to also build rapport with faculty on campus. These relationships will benefit you when it comes to service learning opportunities, or when you need that one last credible letter of recommendation. ​

    • Apply for Work Study! - If you want to go to school full-time, but also make some money while studying, work study is the perfect opportunity. Visit your college financial aid office to find more information about this.

    • Get Involved with Community Service/Service-Learning Opportunities - You may never know what may land on your lap while you are out volunteering. It is also great to have on your resume.

    • Visit your Counselor - If you are unsure about where you stand academically, visit your counselor. They will help you get on track to meet your academic goals, whether it's to graduate with your Associates Degree, or to transfer to your desired 4-year college/university.

    • Student Services - You are paying for student services. Visit your student services department to see what is included in this fee. You may get free flu shots, get counseling, and the list can go on.

5. Always remember, you can always contact Benny Orduno for extra support and guidance as you transition from Rising Stars to the college you wish to attend.


If starting your own business and being your own boss is your first choice, then you have a lot of work to do.

1. First, build your business plan. Here are some things to consider...

  • It is always easier to go with something that you love, since it will come more natural. 

  • Analyze how you can make this idea into a profiting business.

  • Know the demographics of your consumers.

  • How you will market this product/service to them?

2. You would want to find someone that can mentor you through the process. You can always get help from Mrs. Alicia Berridge to get you started on the right path. 

3. You must have a strong Mission and Vision statement. Google these if you need help to jog your thoughts.

4. If you wish to be a consultant, you may not need a mission and vision statement.

5. Remember the 4 quadrants taught in the 4 Tracks to Success

  1. Employee

  2. Business Owner

  3. Self-Employed

  4. Investor

6. When in doubt, always ask questions! Google will serve as a helpful tool throughout this process. Also, please remember you can always reach out to Mrs. Alicia Berridge if you have come to a dead end. 


If you are leaning more towards the military track, you must first have your High School Diploma, or a GED. Please keep in mind that you can contact Jared Hernandez if you need help with this process or unsure of who to contact.

After you have received one or the other, you would contact a recruiter for whichever military branch you are interested in. Just for a quick reminder, there are 5 military branches: Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines & Navy.

If you are still living in Moreno Valley, you can contact a recruiter at these nearest recruiting stations.

U.S. ArmyU.S. Marines / U.S. Navy

23080 Alessandro Blvd.

Suite 230

*Each branch have their designated suite

U.S. Air Force

23100 Alessandro Blvd.

Suite 230D

U.S. Coast Guard

1090 East Washington St.#A

Colton, CA 92324

**HELPFUL TIP** - After you have contacted a recruiter and started the conversation with him/her, you can always change your mind. YOUARE NOT REQUIRED TO ENLIST IF YOUR THOUGHTS HAVE CHANGED. Recruiters can sometimes pressure you for changing your mind, but you have not wasted their time. It is their job to help guide you through the process. But know that if you change your mind again, they may not take you so serious the next time around.

Employment / Career

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